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About Us

About Us

Fidelity Vacation Homes
Who we are?

Fidelity Vacation Homes is a company based in Orlando, Florida, specializing in providing its customers with vacation homes close to Disney and other attractions. Our company aims to provide guests with a comfortable stay in a clean and well maintained property. Likewise, our commitment to the owner of each home we manage is to have each guest check for the property in the house during their stay by signing a bill of lading exempting the inventory of the house occupied.

Services for the guest

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in the market and who live in the city of Orlando. For this reason, we offer a range of services to stay that aim to provide a vacation experience that goes beyond the basics. Orlando is a sensational city that has endless possibilities for attractions and entertainment so that we are ready to guide our guests to maximize their family vacations in Orlando. Request a rental quote via email, or simply do a search using the search tool on the site.

Why Stay in a Home and Holidays?

Our homes offer perfect accommodations for family travelers, larger groups (including companies), sports delegations or simply for those who wish to enjoy the holidays in the land of the Mikey with greater privacy and comfort. The lodging in holiday homes is the best option for those who want to interact and enjoy their travel time collectively, enjoying all the spaces of the house.

Is the location good?

Located in gated communities about 10 to 20 minutes away from the most famous theme parks in Orlando: Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and the proximity to great restaurants and the wonderful beaches and attractions of Central Florida ensure the ideal for an unforgettable holiday of the most varied traveler profiles. Fun and safety are guaranteed in gated communities. Oh, the famous shopping malls: Mall at Millenia, Florida Mall and Premium Outlets units are in the neighborhood.

Home or Hotel?

Well decorated and spacious, the many Fidelity houses receive 5 star praise from those who chose them for their holiday. Private pools, game rooms, large rooms, modern and well-equipped kitchens make the lodging experience much more fun and social than the small hotel rooms usually only used to spend the night. In addition, all of our vacation homes have fully equipped kitchens that allow you to make your own meals (an excellent opportunity for vegans and vegetarians), or snacks to save on the parks.

And how much does it cost?

You do not always have to pay more to have more. In addition to the daily economy, which is generally cheaper than in hotels in the region, you can still save money by making your own meals, including home entertainment in your travel itinerary (TV's, game rooms, playroom, pools, clubhouse and the entire resort structure in the condominiums - check the details at the time of your reservation). Another factor is the economy with the cost of luggage. All our homes have washing machines and tumble dryers, so you can travel with fewer pieces of clothing, and consequently fewer bags.

Comfort in every detail!

We have 3 to 7 bedroom homes that cater to the most varied and comprehensive traveler profile and their needs. The properties are fully furnished with ample living and dining rooms, washer and dryer, plus units with themed rooms that take the magical universe of Disney and Universal into the house. In the condominiums you will find clubhouses, gyms, swimming pools and jacuzzis with the resort structure and all the comforts needed to enjoy your vacation.

Everything simple and easy with complete assistance to your trip!

To make your vacation just fun and enjoyable, Fidelity Vacation Homes works for you to rest. The company counts on a team prepared to offer all the necessary support from the reservation until the exit of the house that you chose. And the best, we are ready to serve you in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Now you know, Orlando vacation is with Fidelity Vacation Homes. Book now! Good trip!

Contact Us

6735 Conroy Road, Unit 316 Orlando, FL

EUA: +1 (407) 982-7682

SP: (11) 3042-1147

RJ: (21)4042-0417

BH: (31)4042-0091

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