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About Storey Lake

The Storey Lake Resort is a comfortable condominium located prominently in a prestigious location in Kissimmee within easy reach of the much sought after Disney complex and other entertainment areas in Greater Orlando. A wide infrastructure of restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores are adjacent to the area in a brand new shopping complex providing your visitor with the desired comfort on your family vacation.


Storey Lake is a well located vacation resort close to Disney World and International drive. The highways near the condominium link this closed condominium to the best points of interest of Central Florida


The Condominium has security 24hrs / day, 7 days a week. In the guardhouse that accesses the houses, a uniformed security upon request, upon receipt of the stay voucher. Upon delivery of the voucher and a document of identification, you will be granted an access card with an expiration date equivalent to your stay in the place. It is recommended that this card be in your vehicle at all times because your presentation will be required on reentry

Hideaway Club

Adjacent to the entrance of the condo, your family has access to "The Hideaway Club" which is the common part of the amenities of the ondomain. Smoking is not permitted in this area and there are standard behavioral rules recommended by the condominium management. The clubhouse offers an ice cream shop and a bar because the consumption there is inviting on a sunny day

Swimming pool

A large swimming pool in the form of 3 joint circumferences provides a great choice for that desire to relax and enjoy in the clubhouse on a sunny day. Generally, heated in winter, the temperature is regulated by the club management. Three staircases in each of the spheres of this pool, gives the bather the safety and practicality of entering the water. It is recommended that children under 12 years old not enjoy the space without adult supervision. There are no life guards on duty in this area.

Lazy River

The lazy river is an invitation to those that are looking for a relaxation during their vacation. Grab your raft, enter the water, and forget the rest! For families with children under 4 years old that still use diapers, the instruction of the clubhouse asks that the child uses a swimming diaper which is generally sold in the market next to the condominium.

Splash Pad

Although the picture shows it dry, special attention was taken in the project of "The Hideaway Club" for the children that will come to enjoy their vacation to Disney at Storey Lake. This splash pad is what any mother wishes... to see their kids playing around having fun while she gets a tan relaxing in one of the lounge chairs right by the pool.

Heated Spa

Ideal for someone who wants a relaxing vacation, the water is heated to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). Glass drinks are not permitted in this area. Food, drinks, or tobacco products are permitted up to 2 meters of distance from the spa

Mini Golf

Hugging the lazy river, the mini golf course is located on the artificial island. You need to pass by the bridge that will take you up to enjoy the course with the children. The game is free, you just need to grab the clubs and golf balls at the reception. Not only do you get to enjoy the pool and sun but across the lounge chairs, you are close to the course and an incredible view.

Lounge Chairs

The pool area was projected to offer for the visitor different recreational areas, always containing an array of chairs for the adults and those responsible for the children to be able to sit while the kids play.

Hammocks and Sand Area

For those that like the beach, take advantage of the sand area and the hammock or one of the many lounge chairs. In this area... it is first come, first serve! There is no reservation system set up.


Strategically positioned at the side of the pool, "The Hideaway Club" offers a bar where adults can consume alcoholic beverages. For the underages, they offer lunch while the adults over the age enjoy the bar.

Gym Room

Guests under 16 years of age cannot use the gym room even with the supervision of an adult. It is requested that the user clean the machines after use with the supplied disinfectants. The use of water bottles is permitted. It is requested that if you use the TV that you keep in mind the volume to not disturb other people inside the enclosure. It is against the rules to use the gym in bathing suits or pool wear. For courtesy, please consider using the equipment for only 30 mins, giving the next person a turn to use it.

Volleyball Court

Across the pool, a volleyball court is ready to test your skills on the court. On days of intense sun, we recommend that you use sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Basketball Court

One basketball hoop with a little court offers the guest hours of matches between friends. Located across the volleyball court, the basketball court is a great recreational area.


This is a big attraction for those that enjoy water sports, however, it is mandatory that your use is supervised by an adult. It is not recommended that kids and or adolescents use the kayaks without their parents or responsible guardian nearby. Remember, you are in Florida where the wildlife is rich in diversity and it is recommended that you keep your distance from them.

Nearest Points of Interest

  • Disney Animal Kingdom - 8 minutos / 3 milhas / 5 km
  • Epcot - 11 minutos / 7 milhas / 11 km
  • Hollywood Studios - 9 minutos / 5 milhas / 8 km
  • Premium Outlets – 16 minutos / 9 milhas / 15 km
  • Sea World - 16 minutos / 11 milhas / 18 km
  • The Mall at Millenia – 25 minutos / 18 milhas / 29 km
  • Universal Studios – 27 minutos / 15 milhas / 24 km
  • Aeroporto de Orlando –29 minutos / 23 milhas / 37 km
  • Downtown Orlando – 28 minutos / 23 milhas / 37 km

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